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We have been working on the next generation of Channel Manager platform - Automating & unifying the distribution flow in the Tours & Activities sector.

We have created a unified API that fits you, to OTAs & Affiliates.

Such a unified structure enables real-time distribution, which means, live availability updates across all channels, updating product info from a single platform to all channels instantly & more.

We are simplifying the distribution for our sector & are increasing the sales channels for you & your customers (Tour operators, guides, attractions, agents & more).

“Connect to the world of OTAs in real-time with a single API integration”

What can you gain?

1 API integration

Reduce your workload

Increase sales channels

We maintain the API

Detailed product analytics

Create new partnerships


Single API integration

Increase Sales Channels

Real-time connectivity

Live product updates across all Sales Channels

Increase value for your customers