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Online Travel Agency (OTA)

We all know how different the OTAs are in the data structure and the way you present your products to the users. Due to these differences & other components, 
it has been impossible to create a quick integrations that works in real-time - enabling quick distribution, cross-selling of your products into other OTAs & affiliates in an automated manner.

We are unifying the distribution structure with an API that fits all

Now, you can cross-sell your products to other partners & OTAs, receive new products (Supply) to sell on your platform & manage your distribution (availability, pricing, products info & more) in real-time, from a single platform.

“ We believe that time has come to unify our sector, just as happened with flights & hotels GDS ”

What can you gain?


Increase your sales by cross-selling your products into OTAs & Affiliates

Increase your supply by accepting products from new Providers

Affiliates can re-sell your products via the Tourflow API

Unified API Documentation

Reservation Systems can distribute their products into your platform

Real-Time Connectivity