12 Apr 2024

Top 9 recommended fun tours, activities, tickets and more, in Madrid, Spain.

  1. Highlights of Madrid

Madrid is a city with a lot to offer. It has numerous attractions which any person must visit when traveling to Madrid. With the right local guide, you will explore the city's gems and local attractions. You will learn about the historical moments of the city, such as the Arabic Fortress, the Barrio de la Moreria with the antique buildings, Hapsburg Madrid of Felipe 2nd, Renaissance and Baroque buildings while taking a picture on Calle Mayor, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de la villa. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to explore Bourbon Madrid, the Royal Palace, and the Cibeles Fountain, Neptune Fountain as well as the Puerta de Alcala. Furthermore, you will also visit the modern and new places in Madrid, such as emblematic Ventas Bullring and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Even Hard Rock Caffe will be on the bucket list. More local gems include the kingdom of Joseph Bonaparte from the 19th century, the contemporary streets of Gran Vía, Paseo de la Castellana, Barrio Salamanca, Plaza de Castilla, and Parque del Oeste. It is a highly recommended tour to explore Madrid.

  1. Retiro Park guided tour

Retiro is undoubtedly one of the most well known and beautiful parks in Madrid. This park has its unique gems that you must see and it also has a lovely pond to enjoy a relaxed morning or afternoon. The Crystal Palace is another must-see attraction in that area. The park also has numerous monuments coming from around the 19th century and it belonged to the Spanish Monarchy. A nice experience to enjoy a beautiful landscape and cultural design.

  1. Aquarium Zoo tickets in Madrid – Skip the line

This is the main Aquarium of Madrid – it is combined with a zoo (the traditional one), delphinium, and aquarium and an aviary. This zoo uses the best practices to learn over history regarding the way an animal should be treated in zoos. It contains above 500 various species reaching above 5,000 animals of all types. In addition, this zoo is also considered as a Botanic park as it has at least 100 different plant types. Such an outstanding zoo, any traveler should visit and experience.

  1. Royal Palace guided tour – Skip-the-line tickets

Explore one of the largest Royal Palace with a skip-the-line ticket with a local guide who will explain to you the history of the place, while not waiting in line to enter the building. It is twice the size of the Buckingham Palace and the well-known Versailles. You will have the chance to explore the inner rooms of the palace including the Gasparini Chamber, Porcelain Cabinet, the Throne room and more. You can even have a look at the warriors' armors – The most important European items.

  1. Tour inside and around the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

For the sport and specifically football lovers, this experience is the perfect one for you. This tour will take you inside the stadium where you will explore the design, the dominant players such as Ramos, Ronaldo, Hugo and more. Most of the stadium rooms are open for tours, including the changing room, technical area, press room and more spots where the magic happens. Discover the legends of Real Madrid and learn more about its past and present.

  1. Excursion in Toledo

This city is listed as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. The city has lots to offer, especially on the historical and cultural side. Some of the things you will cover on such a tour are The church of Santo Tome, Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca (to learn about the Jewish history), the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes.

  1. Wine tasting trip, starting in Madrid

Are you a wine lover or just like the taste from time to time? This tour is the right one for you! Explore the various quality wineries that the city has to offer, in Madrid's wine region. Experience the Spanish wine culture and flavors along with the guide you choose who will take you to the best spots. Besides tasting (or more than that), you will learn about the history and traditions relate to the Spanish wine culture which is organically grown and made.

  1. The famous Flamenco Show

Flamenco show is one of the most famous ones in Spain and is a must to see when traveling to Madrid. Enjoy a musical and cultural evening in the well-known venue of the Flamenco. This is a highly cultural experience accompanied by entertainment by meeting lots of locals and travelers at the location, share thoughts, experiences and enjoy a pleasant evening.

  1. Enjoy the local Tapas and a walking tour at night

The legendary nightlife and the amazing tapas culture is something you should consider when visiting Madrid. Join a foody guide who will take to the restaurants and snack shops that locals know and love. Discover the various tapas bars and the lively and enthusiastic people in the area who go to celebrate and eat well in one of Tapas venues of Madrid.

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