12 Apr 2024

Top 9 most recommended tours, activities, tickets and more, in Barcelona, Spain.

  1. Instagram Photo shooting

This is the perfect experience for the Instagram lovers, influencers and generally ones who would like to be better with their online presence. Here, you will have the chance to have a glimpse at the influencers' world and how the magic happens in the Instagram accounts. You will be accompanied by professional photographers. Gain insights and tips regarding the best photo angles and how to promote yourself on Instagram. Fun and Informative tour.

  1. Sail during the sunrise and sunset

Barcelona is blessed with the amazing sea it lays on, the warm and shiny weather that put a smile on the locals' faces. This is naturally accompanied by boat trips and cruises in order to experience Barcelona fully. Enjoy the pleasant sunrise during the morning as well as the sunset in the evening. These breathtaking experiences are a must to go through and are recommended to anyone who visits this beautiful city.

  1. Cook Paella & more, with your favorite chef

Enjoy a special type of experience (activity) with an amazing chef who comes just for you to cook a delicious Paella and other meals which will make your mouth drool. The tips you will gain are useful as always and you will be able to make it on your own, with the chef's recipe. Come hungry and with a positive appetite to one of Barcelona's recent and modern cooking spaces. You will be provided with the cooking tools, all you need to do is come, sip some wine while enjoying a fun cooking session with a great inspiring chef.

  1. Chocolate Tour – The sweetest tour experience you can find

Barcelona and chocolate are inseparable. The city has a long history with chocolate making ranging over hundreds of years. They know how to live that is certain – Barcelona even has chocolate festivals along with their traditions. You get the chance to visit about a dozen chocolate hot spots, including the oldest cacao mill. Discover the sweetest gems of Barcelona while – It is even for Vegans and is gluten-free.

  1. Aquarium Skip-the-line tickets – Fun activity with your family or friends

One of the most fun and entertaining places to visit is the Aquarium in Barcelona = You can easily book "Skip-the-line" tickets in order to enter with no delays. Inside the Oceanarium, you walk in a tunnel-like form, surrounded by sea animals such as sharks and can enjoy a mesmerizing view and the feeling it gives. Educate yourself with the importance of the ocean, for all of us, and perhaps even discover new sea creatures you have not seen yet.

  1. A cool Ice Bar in the warm Barcelona – at Ice Barcelona

Have you ever imagined to have an Ice bar in such a warm city? Not to mention that its location is on the beach! When you thought you have seen it all, this cool Ice bar came to life. Visit the first Ice bar in the world which is located on the beach! Reaching 5 degrees below zero. The bar's theme and details are being constantly updated and improved in order to make the experience unique, each time you decide to visit.

  1. Free Walking Tours

A free tour may sound weird to you, how come it is free? Well, it is not exactly free – You donate as much money as you think suitable for this tour. Making it fair for both sides. This is an interesting concept made by guides as it gives the freedom for guests to pay an appropriate price and not to overspend. As these tours are made usually in groups, the guides are not at a disadvantage in such a case. Enjoy your tours with local guides. Part of the locations you may visit, include Mirador del Rei Martí, King Martin's Watchtower, Plaça del Rei, Plaça Sant Jaume, Palau de la Generalitat, El Born District, Basilica de Santa María del Mar, Roman Necropolis and many more. You can also make these tours private, usually in case you are a big group of people, usually more than 9.

  1. Game of Thrones Day Tour – Unique and Unusual

Yes, you hear it right! Explore the various shooting locations of the "Game of Thrones" Series. AS the series has become an international sensation, naturally, guides turned it into a great opportunity to educate and inspire travelers. Some of the shooting locations were in areas with a couple of thousands of years of history. Part of the locations you will visit include: historic city of Girona, La Força Vella, Call - one of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe and Great Sept of Baelor.

  1. Mysteries and legends tour of Barcelona

Are you into mysteries, history, legends, and heroes? Then you will definitely like this type of tour. Barcelona hides inside deep mysteries including wizard stores, special stones that cured illnesses – called the miracle stone. As part of the tour, you will visit and learn about Plaza de Cataluña, the Gothic quarter, Archdeacon's House and more. This is one of the unique and entertaining tours that one can book.

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