12 Apr 2024

Top 15 recommended things to do in Budapest, Hungary

  1. Boat trips at Night with Dinner & Music

Budapest at night really offers an unforgettable experience as the boat floats along the Danube River while having a panoramic view both of Buda and Pest sides of the city. Along the cruise, you will be mesmerized by the Parliament Building, the amazing Castle which is on the Buda side, right in the heart of Budapest. You will also notice the many bridges that the city has along the Danube river and observing their presence at night as they illuminate and show their beauty and history. Enjoy the dinners offered during the cruise, as well as the traditional music in order to have a fully covered cruise experience, in the "Paris of Central Europe" – as Budapest is known for!

  1. Wellness - Thermal water with SPA

Since the Beginning - Mid of 19th century, Budapest has been known as the wellness city as it contains the largest amount and variety of Thermal lakes and medical water spots compared to any other capital in the word – 100+ thermal lakes and water springs. It has become the center of Wellness and people from all over Europe are enjoying them every year. Besides the natural water springs, there are above a dozen of private spas and thermal water treatments all over Budapest, while the most famous is "Széchenyi Spa" (More touristic) and "Gellert Hotel" (More for locals).

  1. Private Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

There are numerous Helicopter tours around Budapest which give the up-most comprehensive and mesmerizing views of Budapest. During the 20-30 minutes of flight, you will be impressed by the overview of the city, with a clear distinction between the Buda and Pest sides as the Danube Rivers cuts the city into 2 parts. Such a sightseeing tour is unique and has to be experienced t lest once in life in the destinations you visit. The Helicopter Tours usually cover the best regions of the city, including Szentendre, Visegrád, and Esztergom. You can also enjoy music while flying above Budapest – A movie-like experience.

  1. Jewish District Walking Tour

Hungary in General and Budapest specifically has a long-lasting history with the Jewish nation they were living among locals and have had large communities in the city, up until this date. Thus, the city has an area named: The Jewish District" which presents the history of the Jewish nation within the Hungarian culture. Enjoy the tours offered and learn about the Jewish community in the city, the locations, the Museum and the role it played within the Hungarian society.

  1. Traditional Local Food Tour Around the City

The city is rich with a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world, including Thai food, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Georgian, Mediterranean and more. Every year more and more restaurants and food trucks are being open as Budapest is n International city, thus, the food variety comes accordingly. If there is any type of food you would wish food, the city most likely has it for you – You just need to know where. For this reason, there are amazing, mouth drooling food tours as well as local, traditional specific food tours – With your local guides, you can finally visit and taste your favorite food in the best locations – to make the most out of your experience. Fun and stomach filling with happiness activity. If you have come so far to enjoy the Beauty of Budapest – a food tour is a must and highly recommended cultural experience.

  1. Tour in the Parliament of Hungary, in Budapest City

Parliament is one of the most visited tourist spots in Budapest – and for the right reason. The building is historical and built with amazing details inside and outside and is the 3rd largest Parliament building in the world. This is where the magic happens in Hungry. Taking a guided tour unlike getting a ticket without a guide will be a much better use of your time as you will learn first hand from a local person, everything bout the building and its history, up until this date. The tours usually take 30 to 60 minutes and are free of charge for children up to 2 years of age.

  1. Walking Tours Around the City

The walking tours in Budapest come with a wide variety of locations and inclusions such as cafes, breakfasts and more. You can visit locations such as The Castle District, the Jewish Quarter, Pannonia region, Ex-communist areas, Hero square, Danube and many more! You can have a Private Tour or you could join a group – Pick & Book your walking that fit your interests.

  1. Hop on Hop Off Bus Sightseeing Tours Around Budapest

This bus service tour around Budapest is a comprehensive one with a good amount of information in each destination you arrive to. In this way, you can hop off the bus at their designated spots where you are picked up or dropped off in the most visited tourist locations. You can have the flexibility of getting on the next bus while you walk around locations such as The Parliament, Buda Castle, Hero square, Basilica (The Church) and many more.

  1. A trip on the Buda Side – The Nature Side of the City

Budapest is divided into 2 parts by the Danube River – Buda and Pest. Pest is the younger, more charming side of Budapest where all the heat Is, the center of Budapest and of the nightlife of Hungary. Compared to the Buda side – Pest's landscape is almost flat. The Buda side is the nature side, mountain-like compared to Pest. It feels like an entirely different city with different views and landscapes.

  1. Historical & Museums Tours in Budapest

Budapest, being a location with vast history and intellect, contains a wide variety of Museums, starting from The Museum of Budapest and continuing to Sports, Jewish, Hungarian Agriculture, Music, Chocolate, Anatomy Museums and many more! You have not seen Budapest if you have not visited one of its known Museums. Have a look at the Museums that may interest you.

  1. Tours and Activities with Your Beloved Dog/Dogs

Budapest is very dog-friendly. There is a very big community of dog lovers and it reflects on the amount of specifically Dog Parks around the city. This gives an opportunity for you and your beloved dog/dogs to go for a quick tour or activity in which all of you can enjoy. Go for an experience with a guide that will navigate you through the hot spots of the dog-loving areas, where your dog/dogs can have fun while you are enjoying the beauty of Budapest. Explore the various Dog-Friendly Tours that the city has to offer.

  1. Night Tours and activities

Budapest by day and Budapest by night are practically 2 different cities. By night, the city illuminates and becomes a theatre of lights. Walking around the city brings you back to the 19th century and beyond and makes you feel the true history that the place has witnessed over the countless decades. Enjoy the delightful walking tours by night and prepare to be astonished by the beauty of the city and the different feeling that you experience compared to the day time. Have a look at the variety of Night Tours that you may be interested in.

  1. Night Live in Budapest – Clubs, Pubs, Ruin Bars & More

Oh, the 24/7 nightlife of Budapest... it is genuinely one of the best and a must to experience! Are you into Ruin Bars (even Jazz and other type-specific ones), pubs, night clubs or an outdoor music lover? Budapest has it all and many more. The city does not sleep and is full of life every single day (while Sundays are calmer). It is commonly at the destination for bachelor parties as well, as the city is amazing and filled with life and excitement. Partygoers from all over the world choose this city. Want to explore the Nightlife in Budapest in the best way? Book a Nightlife Tour and the local people will show you around the best spots to party at or just to have drinks and enjoy the night.

  1. Local, Traditional Wine Tours

Hungary is famous for its Wineries and has plenty of them just around Budapest, the capital. In order to have a fine experience just like a fine wine, there are plenty of Wine tasting tours that take you to various spots in Budapest or right outside the city where most of the wineries are. Have a splendid experience while tasting delicious wines and hearing about the history of each one of them, a truly tasty and historical experience for your soul.

  1. Activities on Bikes, Segway, Electric Scooters & more

Budapest has plenty of sightseeing tours and activities to offer, although, in case you would like to make the most of your time, sightseeing on vehicles such as the Segway and other scooters would be a great choice for you. It is both entertaining, sometimes adrenaline filling and exciting experience to go through as you see the city with all its beauty while having a ride on some of the futuristic means of transport. Explore the wide variety of tours here:

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