10 Apr 2024

Top 15 places you must see in Berlin, Germany


Looking at Berlin, you can notice its dramatic history and the division into two parts: East and West. It would seem that this was not so long time ago, but since then the city has changed a lot. In the XXI century, Berlin is an open city for all creative and not very manifestations. Even if you're not a big fan of history, Berlin can certainly inspire you from a different perspective. In order not to get lost in the whole variety of entertainment offered, don't hesitate to check our best offers!

1. Reichstag


The building of Reichstag is the first place you should visit when in Berlin. According to statistics, it's the most visited place among tourists! The construction of the Reichstag lasted several decades and ultimately ended with the appearance of a colossal building with powerful columns, in the style of the new Renaissance. The Reichstag found the conflagration, the destruction of World War II, the restoration in the post-war period, and, finally, the unification of the two German states.

To visit the interiors of Reichstag you should make an appointment in advance by registering on the official website or you can check our offers.

2. The Brandenburg Gate


The Brandenburg Gate is the remarkable landmark of the city. Its construction dated to XVIII century, built on the orders of Prussian king Frederick William II.

The Brandenburg Gate is the best example of German classicism. If you come to Berlin for the New Year holidays, be sure to go here on the night of January 1, this is where the locals gather to celebrate the New Year.

3. Holocaust Memorial


Not so far from the Brandenburg Gate, there is an unusual monument that represents as a huge maze, composed of more than 2000 concrete slabs. The place impresses not only with its outstanding design but also with its meaning. This memorial is dedicated to the mass genocide.

4. East Side Gallery


Not a single visit to Berlin is complete without a visit to the East Side Gallery, where you definitely need to take a photo with graffiti My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love,

depicting a kiss of two leaders. The largest open-air gallery in the world, with a total length of 1.3 km. It is placed on the part of the preserved Berlin Wall. After its fall in 1989, more than 100 artists from 21 countries gathered to paint paintings dedicated to peace and love. We advise you don't focus only on one but study each of them.

5. Museum Island


The dream of all museum lovers came true, here is the whole island that includes five world-known museums, including the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Neues Museum (New Museum), the Altes Museum (Old Museum) and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery). During World War II, the island was almost destroyed but is now restored and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On our website you can check the best offers for the Museum Island.

6. Berlin Cathedral


The largest and most famous church in Berlin, which is definitely worth a look. For a small fee, you can climb to the dome and take a bird's eye view of Museum Island. And, of course, the magnificent, impressive view of the cathedral will definitely not leave anyone indifferent - a wide staircase, huge columns. The interior is composed of magnificent paintings depicting biblical subjects, mosaics, bright stained glass windows.

7. Jewish Museum


Another attraction dedicated to the Holocaust that recommended for a visit. Although it's pretty understandable if you don't want to be sad afterward and simply reserve it for another visit, we still advise you to pass by the building itself because the architecture of it is truly unique. American architect Daniel Libeskind designed the building with lines that look like a huge dilapidated star of David, an ancient Jewish symbol.

8. Alexanderplatz


Alexanderplatz is a huge area which today is known for the abundance of trading platforms of various spectra as well as a place where you need to keep an eye on your bag and pockets. However, this place in Berlin is very significant in its history. The square was named after the Russian emperor Alexander the First, back to the time it was a place of various entertainment and trade. Today there is the railway station of the same name, the metro, the Red City Hall, the Neptune Fountain, and, of course, the Berlin TV tower (368 m), which is included in the list of the tallest buildings in the world.

9. The Berlin TV Tower


The Berlin TV Tower can be called the Berlin Eiffel Tower, it's just as beautiful and tall that it can be seen from almost all sides. This 368-meter building is the tallest in Germany and is the fourth tallest in Europe. In 1969, the tower was the second tallest in the world. More than a million visitors come here every year, making the Berlin TV Tower one of the ten most popular attractions in Germany. The TV Tower can be visited inside for a small fee. Check the possible offers from us as well.

10. Potsdamer Platz


The business center of the city, where the life bustling with activity around the clock. All the expensive boutiques and restaurants are concentrated here. Walking in the square, you can feel how modern Berlin lives its life with no drama. Although, if you want to know this city from many different angles, we advise you to go one of our ranged excursions.

11. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


At first glance, this is just an ordinary ruined church, which is living out its last days, but it really has a hidden meaning. The church was built in 1890 and was badly destroyed in 1943. By the way, at that time it was the tallest church in Berlin (113m). After the war, at the request of the Berliners, it was decided don't demolish the church, but also not to restore it completely. The ruined church became a kind of warning monument about the causes and consequences of war. The surviving restored mosaics and objects of the liturgy are stored here. On Sundays, there are organ concerts that everybody can attend.

12. The Gendarmenmarkt


The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the squares in Berlin. In the center is the Concert Hall, and at the edges on both sides are the German and French cathedrals. The square got its name because of the placement of guard posts and stables of the cuirassier regiment of the "gendarmes" (gens d'arms) from 1736 to 1782. The French cathedral was built with the goal of "refuge" for the Huguenot Protestants who fled from France to Berlin. In 1786, during the reconstruction, it was supplemented by an impressive dome tower. A little later, the German Cathedral appeared. All three complexes were severely damaged during the war. Restoration work was completed only at the end of the XX century.

13. Charlottenburg Castle


The summer residence of the Prussian rulers erected in the XVIII century is today one of the world symbols of the Baroque style. Be sure to go to the garden behind the palace - one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Although, the castle might particularly won't impress you, at least you will see how the royalty had been living that time. Perhaps, it can be called as a humble luxury.

14. Tiergarten


Tiergarten for Berliners has a special feeling, it's a feeling of union with nature first of all. This is notable for the great and homonymous urban park in the city center, where all locals love to walk. Here is the Victory Column and the official residence of the President of Germany, Bellevue Palace can be found.

Find some time to visit the top of the Victory Column to enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding of Tiergarten.

15. Kreuzberg


The final icing on the cake. If all-above mentioned feels to you too sophisticated and in a way boring, we found an extra solution for you. It's Kreuzberg – one of the most creative districts in Berlin. Kreuzberg is like a spicy mix that collected in it absolutely everything from the crazy street art to cozy small cafes. It's accessible from the East Side Gallery on foot. If once someone could ask how Kreuzberg looks like, we would simply put the range of adjectives such as Bohemian, Funky, Artistic, Hipster, Crazy, Funny, Cozy, Cute and definitely Unique. This what exactly people call "the breath" of Berlin after all its dramatic events from the past.

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