10 Apr 2024

Top 10 things to see in Helsinki


Many people believe that Helsinki is a very boring city and there is nothing to see there. Others deny this statement. What is obtained in practice? The capital of Finland is a vibrant sea city with a large number of parks, squares, historical buildings, beautiful architecture and a picturesque archipelago with more than 300 islands, interconnected by labyrinths of bridges and ferry services.

Many of the listed attractions are familiar to the townspeople, but if you are the first in the Finnish Capital, then this rating will appeal to you. However, before you start your journey, be sure to check out the ManyTours website, this will certainly facilitate your planning!

1. Helsinki Senate Square


Senate Square is one of the three central squares of the Finnish capital. Around this square exactly all major attractions and tourist routes are concentrated and started. For example, you can find such important landmarks and buildings as Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace, the main building of the University of Helsinki, and Sederholm House, the oldest building of central Helsinki dating from 1757.

the Cathedral at Senate Square was erected in the first half of the XIX century after the proclamation of Helsinki as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Inside the cathedral, there is a monument to Luther, the founder of the Reformation.

2. Aleksanterinkatu


Aleksanterinkatu is Helsinki's historic central street, named after the Russian emperor Alexander I. The name of the street is one of the few surviving since Finland was part of its bigger neighbor, Russia. Most of these streets have been renamed.

Nowadays Aleksanterinkatu is an ideal place for all those who love shopping. Here an incredible amount of shops and world brands, cafes and restaurants are collected, including the Stockmann trading house.

3. Sibelius Monument


Monument dedicated to the famous and revered Finnish composer, Jan Sibelius. In honor of this outstanding historical figure, several streets, a music academy, and a city park are also named after him. The monument was erected in 1967. It looks like an abstract composition, which is a pile of metal pipes and located at the foot of the bas-relief of the composer. Definitely worth to visit.

4. Siege of Sveaborg


Sveaborg Fortress is located at one of the islands 4-km away southeast of the city center of Helsinki. From the city center, you can quickly get there by ferry. Sveaborg is the Swedish name, the Finns call the fortress of "Suomenlinna".

The construction was erected in the middle of the XVIII century at a time when Finland was still a part of Sweden. The fortress was the base for the Swedish fleet and protected the approaches to Helsinki.

5. Temppeliaukio Church


Perhaps this is one of the most unusual sights of Helsinki known as Temppeliaukio Church or Church of the Rock. Looking at a nondescript hill from the outside, you can never guess that there is a huge cave lit by the light inside. The church was created and designed by architects and brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1969.

Despite this very unusual and even bizarre design, the church is loved by both locals and tourists. So, when you are in Helsinki, don't miss the opportunity to visit it! If you are lucky enough, come for an organ concert as the church has excellent acoustics.

6. Kamppi Chapel


Kamppi Chapel is a real oasis of silence in the heart of the hectic city life. The idea of ​​the building is very simple, it is a secluded isolated place where you can come to think, meditate or just catch inspiration. The chapel of silence also amazes with its exterior and interior. It looks like the round wooden structure outside. Inside there is a laconic altar, but it doesn't relate to church anyhow. Enough words, you better see this with your own eyes!

7. Market Square (Kauppatori


When Helsinki you definitely can't skip this attraction. This is the Kauppatori market square near the pier. There you can find everything you need to stay warm in Helsinki: from woolen mittens and reindeer skins to local delicacies.

Trading on Kauppatori began in the XVIII century when fishermen with a fresh catch began to moor regularly in the harbor; an echo of this tradition is the October Herring fair (Silakkamarkkinat), during which fresh and fried fish are sold directly from boats.

By the way, you can catch up easily ferries to Suomenlinna from here.

8. National Museum of Finland


Museum of the History of Finland, where you can trace the path of development of the state from ancient times to the modern period. Museum expositions are quite extensive from clay shards to the thrones of rulers, from medieval weapons to the technological achievements. The museum was opened to visitors in 1916.

9. Seurasaari Museum


Seurasaari is the Open-Air Museum in Helsinki, located on the island of the same name. This museum is unusual in the sense that it invites visitors to get acquainted with the traditional way of life of the local population. In Seurasaari, you can see the wooden dwellings of rural residents, Finnish saunas, farm buildings, mills, religious buildings brought from all over the country.

10. Helsinki Railway Station


The relatively small building of the capital's railway station is an architectural monument of the early XX century. The Art Nouveau facade is decorated with figures of stone giants. Numerous commuter trains and long-distance trains departing from the station to various European countries and to Russia.

So, maybe it's a hint than to travel to the next destination after all? ManyTours is always happy to make your trip unforgettable and full of interesting activities!

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