11 Apr 2024

Top 10 things to do in Vienna, Austria


It's not a secret that Vienna is the best city in the world, and this is not even a joke. In 2019 the pompous capital of Austria for the tenth consecutive time carried off the palm of supremacy among others. Meanwhile, you are trying to figure out what place in Vienna can rightfully become the 8th wonder of the world, we will be happy to share the top 10 "must" see things in Vienna with you.

1. St. Stephen's Cathedral


St. Stephen's Cathedral is considered a symbol of Vienna since the Middle Ages. The majestic Gothic temple is crowned by a tower with an observation deck, which has 343 steps. For many years the cathedral was under reconstruction, so when in Vienna don't miss the opportunity to study properly every corner of this miracle and, of course, take a memorable selfie!

2. Hofburg


Hofburg is the magnificent residence of the powerful Habsburg dynasty. Although, it was built long before the arrival of the Habsburgs, it acquired its size and scope within the growth of the imperial dynasty, which continued to expand and rebuild the capital's residence. Nowadays, in total there are 2600 halls and rooms. Hofburg is the residence of the President of Austria, but the Silver Chamber and the imperial apartments are open to the public. If you want to feel like royalty, you should certainly go there.

3. Vienna City Hall


The Vienna City Hall, surrounded by an English-style landscaped park, is one of the city's most recognizable buildings. In addition to its direct purpose, it's also used as a cultural center. Annually, about 800 events take place here. One of the most important and most famous of them, of course, is the Life Ball. Since November, the Christmas mood in front of the Town Hall creates the New Year's Bazaar. And from January to March, Town Hall Square and Town Hall Park turn into the most beautiful ice rink in the world.

Looks like a fairy tale in reality, don't you think so?

4. Hundertwasser House


Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a true hero of our time and a favorite architect and artist of Vienna inhabitants. He can't be forgotten or confused with anyone because it was he who contributed something special and unusual to the mite of the city. One of them, the Hundertwasser House,is the expressionist landmark and one of Vienna's most visited buildings that become part of Austria's cultural heritage.

Hundertwasser House is a residential home with 50 apartments and designed with a multi-colored facade with windows of various shapes and sizes, applied ornaments and mosaics from colored glazed tiles. Among other famous creations of Hundertwasser is also the Spittelau incinerator that must be seen during the visit.

5. Vienna State Opera


Vienna State Opera is a major musical and cultural center of the capital of Austria and Europe, one of the best opera houses in the world that was built in 1869. Until 1918, it was called the Vienna Court Opera. After 1955, traditional annual balls were resumed. By the number of performances taking place, 285 days a year, the opera occupies a leading position in the world. Of course, you can see this building from the outside, but it's much more interesting to get to performance or even the famous Vienna Ball! Let yourself experience the best art!

6. Schönbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn Palace is the largest ensemble in the style of Austrian Baroque. Built-in the XIV century, it served as the main summer residence of the imperial Habsburg dynasty. The palace has 1441 rooms. The main rooms are the Ceremonial, Mirror and the Great Halls. The territory of the palace is decorated with a park with fountains and sculptures, a pavilion with a colonnade and a small pond. Here is the world's oldest Schönbrunn Zoo. The ensemble is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

7. Museum Quarter


The Museum Quarter of Vienna is perhaps one of the most impressive in Europe. It occupies 60 thousand square meters. On its territory, several museums can be found such as Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle, ZOOM Kindermuseum and other institutions of art and culture. The museum quarter presents a large collection of works by the Austrian expressionist artist E. Schiele. The spacious courtyard of the Museum complex is equipped as a resting place for citizens and guests of Vienna.

8. Belvedere


Originally, the Belvedere palace complex was built and served as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy in the early 18th century.

The building made in Baroque style, Consists of Upper and Lower Belvedere. The complex includes an architectural ensemble and a garden. Nowadays, Belvedere serves as the Austrian art gallery, where you can find the most famous works of Gustav Klimt, including his masterpiece "Kiss". After the cultural program, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Austrian wine in the neighborhood, since the area has a posh status.

9. Cafe Sacher


Opposite the Vienna Opera House is the Sacher Café, a popular meeting and relaxation place for city guests and citizens. This business belongs to the Gürtler family, which has maintained high standards of service since 1934. On the open terrace, it is pleasant to sit with a cup of Viennese coffee, try a slice of the original Sacher-Torte and other delicious cakes. Cafe Sacher has its Viennese charm and exclusivity. It's recommended to come early in the morning to feel the vibes of the city and take the best places.

10. Fool's Tower


The Narrenturm or Fool's Tower is one of continental Europe's oldest buildings for the accommodation of psychiatric patients (built-in 1784). It's rightfully considered as one of the most terrifying, fascinating and unusual places in the world.

After the premise ceased to fulfill its originally intended function, it was given over to the museum of pathology. Today, there are a large number of mysterious exhibits. All of them, in one way or another, are associated with deviations of the human body in the field of gynecology or are prone to sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to see Vienna from the other side and at the same time try yourself, this is a great place to diversify your tour of classic Vienna.

Of course, "the best city in the world" is just a title, so don't forget to make your tour exclusively special for you. Collect emotions and impressions, because this is the best thing you can bring from a trip.

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