1 Mar 2024

Top 10 things in Budapest you would love to do


Budapest - The city of great bridges and fascinating history. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary is bisected by the Danube River. It is the most famous city in Hungary because of the chain bridge which connects Buda District to the Pest. If you are planning to visit Budapest, we are here with ten best things to do in Budapest Tour. Budapest is the splendid blend of fascinating History, Art and Architecture. There is a wide range of things for you to see and do in Budapest and we are sure that you will love it.

Let’s explore the best out of Budapest!

1. Magnificent Hungarian Parliament Building


Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the popular tourist attractions in Budapest. Its construction started in 1885 and it was fully completed in 1902. The Parliament Building is a beautiful example of Neo-Gothic architecture which is not more than 100 years old. To see the fantastic view of Hungary’s largest building from every angle, certain tours are available every day. The best way to enjoy the view of the building is from the other side of the Danube River. Best way to make your trip easy and relaxing book your ticket in advance for your Budapest Tour.

2. Panorama View of Budapest- Gellért Hill


If you love hiking and want to experience beautiful Panorama View of Budapest then Gellért Hill is the most visiting place for you. This is the best spot to take photos of Budapest from the top. Not only a beautiful view of Budapest but you will also enjoy some great historical monuments on the top of the Hill. The most famous statue of Budapest The Statue of Liberty which symbolizes Hungary’s liberation from the Nazi rule. You can also enjoy thermal baths which are known as Gellért Thermal Baths. Cave Church on Gellért Hill is also an amazing attraction to see on Gellért Hill.

3. Largest Square in the Budapest- Heroes' Square


Heroes' Square is one of the iconic statues in Budapest. It was opened on the thousandth anniversary of Hungary 1896. You can easily arrive at Heroes' Square by taking one of the oldest metros - the M1 yellow metro line which also an attraction for tourists. Heroes' Square surrounded by many museums that are famous for their art and exhibitions. For more details about Museums and transportation, you can click here.  

4. The largest church in Budapest-St. Stephen’s Basilica


St. Stephen’s Basilica is dedicated to St. Stephen Hungary’s first king and it is the largest church in Budapest. It is known for its beautiful neoclassical cathedral and can hold 8500 people in it. It took more than 50 years to build the beautiful Basilica. The two towers of St. Stephen’s Basilica have six bells, five on the left side tower and one in the right-side tower. These bells are used twice a year. It is very easy to get to St. Stephen’s Basilica. You have to take the subway M3 to Arany János Street.  

5. Fisherman’s Bastion


The Fisherman’s Bastion is a fairy tale of Budapest. From Fisherman’s Bastion Tower will see the mesmerizing and beautiful panoramic views in Budapest across Margaret Island, Danube River, and Pest. It was built from 1895 to 1902. Fisherman’s Bastion is a medieval monument in a neo-Gothic style that is built in the early 20th century. Great way to explore Budapest Check out ManyTours.

6. Central Market Hall


The Great Market Hall is Budapest’s most famous marketplace. It is located in central Budapest. Many Local people buy their groceries from this Market but it is an incredible place for tourists too. It is popular for Hungarian Spices especially Hungarian Paprika, meat, and Souvenirs.  

7. Buda Castle- funicular


Buda Hill is also one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Budapest. Buda Hill funicular is the second oldest funicular of its kind in the world. Traveling to Buda Hill by the Funicular is a fairly cheap and pleasant way to save your legs a hike. This funicular was opened in 1870and it is the fastest way to get to the top of Castle Hill and is extremely popular because of its panoramic views out across the Danube.  

8. Széchenyi Thermal Baths


The Széchenyi Thermal baths most famous because these are the largest medicinal bath in Europe. The waters are rich in bicarbonate, sulfates, magnesium, fluoride, and calcium which are believed to treat patients with medical issues and joint illnesses. For those who just want to relax in thermal pools, there is a variety of relaxing thermal pools on-site, steam rooms, and saunas.  

9. Ruin Pubs


If you are looking for something very unique in Budapest, you must check out Ruin Pubs. Budapest is well-known for its ruin-pubs. The best ruin pubs are set up in deserted and sprawling buildings with comfortable but slightly worn-out furniture. Fogas Ház, Kuplung, and Szimpla are the most popular ruin-pubs in the beautiful city of Budapest.  

10. Margaret Island


Margaret Island is located in the Danube River between Buda and Pest. It was famous for Royal hunting reserve in the middle ages. It was known as Rabbit Island. If you are traveling with kids there are lots of options to rent a bike or a vehicle for your family as this Island is 2.5 km long and you need to walk allot. Musical fountain the main attraction of Margaret Island in the evening because music is played with the laser lights. The Laser show in Margaret Island is a famous attraction for tourists. A variety of music is played after 6 to 9 PM.

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