1 Mar 2024

Top 10 the must-visit beaches in Europe


1. Platja d’Illetes, Spain


This beach is located in Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain. Playa de Ses Illetes is the most beautiful beach in Europe. Its position is exactly in the Mediterranean Sea, in a group of islands with Spanish autonomous territory. You can feel super fine sand on this beach, also enjoy relaxing moments on the yacht while enjoying a spectacular view. Many people agree that this beach can be called paradise, with a beautiful set of beaches on both sides of the little peninsular. You can reach this beach by walking along the beach from Es Pujols and turning off along Green Route 19 by the side of the salt flats. However, there are also other choices which are by bus, and it costs around 4 euros each way.

2. Navagio Beach, Greece


This beach is located on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece. Navagio Beach was originally known as Agios Georgios. On October 2, 1980, the MV Panagiotis ship sank in Navagio Beach due to a storm. The rest of this ship can still be found on this coast.

There are unique things about this beach. It turns out to get there, the visitors must jump from the top of the cliff. Navagio Beach is not extensive and is in an isolated place. It has high cliffs but also white sand and crystal clear waters. To get to this island, most visitors usually jump from the 200-meter high cliff. You can feel the extreme experience of flying from the cliffs for 13 seconds. After that, you have between two to five seconds to open the parachute and land safely on the white sand below.

Navagio Beach has become one of the gathering places for lovers of base jumping. Usually, they hold events in May and the end of September. However, if you don't dare to jump in like the admirers, you can use another alternative, which is to get on a boat. You might have to queue up the ship for 20 to 30 minutes to be able to reach this beach.

3. Sardinia Beaches, Italy (Gulf of Orosei - Cala Mariolu)


Sardinia is the second-largest island after Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia is located between Italy, Spain and Tunisia, south of the Corsican Island. Sardinia has the status of an Italian autonomous region. The capital city is Cagliari. Sardinia has an area of 24,090 km² and a population of 1,650,000.

Gulf of Orosei is one of the very famous beaches in Sardinia, Italy. This beach has soft white sand and displays beautiful views of the Caribbean blue sea. By boat, a maximum of 8/10 seats leaves early in the morning. You will enjoy a unique color show, with the sun behind you which, reflecting ocher stones, will make the beautiful color of the sea stand out.

Cala Mariolu is located in the Gulf of Orosei on the central-eastern coast of Sardinia. If you are looking for more action, less sunbathing, then this is the beach for you. Located on the east coast of Sardinia, Cala Mariolu can only be accessed by sea or through a six-kilometer hike which will take you about three hours. The prize is a stunning white pebble beach that offers some of the best snorkeling in Sardinia, with many caves to explore. The beach is mostly in the shade of the afternoon, so get your sunbathing done in the morning if that is your thing. If you walk there, treat yourself to a boat ride back at sunset.

4. Ölüdeniz Beach, Turkey


It is located around 45 kilometers from Dalaman Airport, Turkey. Many people dubbed this beach as Blue Lagoon because it has a beautiful blue sea color. People also often say that this beach has the most blue-ish color in Turkey. The stunning natural landscape with stable weather conditions and fenced in the enchanting Mount Babadag make Oludeniz Beach one of the best spots for paragliding. By traveling for approximately 1 hour, you will arrive near the summit of Mount Babadag which is located at an altitude of about 1,900 asl.

Here, you can not only enjoy the beauty of the beach, but you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater with scuba diving. Since 2010, this beach has also been used as an ultra marathon starting arena as far as 220 to 240 kilometers, which is held from Oludeniz Beach to Antalya for six days.

5. Zlatni Rat, Croatia


Croatia is home to some of the most extraordinarily beautiful coastlines and is quickly making a name for itself as a summer destination. Zlatni Rat means Golden Horn or Golden Cape if you translate it into English from the local language. Zlatni Rat beach is located around 2 kilometers from the southern coast of the Croatian island of Brač and is a thin strip of land that stretches into the sea, with white beaches sparkling on both sides. If it starts to get a bit too warm, find shelter under one of the pine trees that surround the beach and make perfect picture adjustments.

Zlatni Rat is known as one of the most popular beaches in Croatia. People usually spend around 1 until 3,5 hours there. You can do lots of activities there such as swimming, snorkeling, rent a paddleboat, sea kayaking, jetski, parasailing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. Don’t forget to take your goggles and fins with you if you end up a snorkel or want to explore the marine life there.

You may better go there in May or early June or September to prevent visit the crowded beach during Summer months.

6. Bora Bora Beach, France


Bora Bora which is a French colony and incorporated in the French Polynesia Island State is an island with a stunning panorama surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding rock becomes a kind of protector for the islands from the waves and creates a unique geographical condition, namely the calm expanse of the ocean and the various types of marine animals in it.

To reach this archipelago you have to order a plane bound for Tahiti, when you get to the airport you can take a ferry to Vaitape. Then, there will be some small buses which have been waiting at Vaitape to take you to the hotel or lodging that suits with your order (in advance). For your information, you do not need to pay anything for the two transportation means, because both are provided free of charge by Air Tahiti, an airline that operates in Polynesia.

On this beach, you can spend time swimming, parasailing, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing or feeding sharks, and enjoy the view of the sunset there.

7. Dhermi Beach, Albania


Dhermi Beach in Southern Albania is one of the popular recreation areas in the summer. It takes extra effort to get to this beautiful beach. Because Dhermi Beach is 'escorted' by mountains that cannot be passed by land vehicles. However, after you get there, you will be presented with a view that was never imagined. A vast expanse of white sand seems to welcome you. The turquoise water also makes the tourists not want to linger on the mainland.

It is highly recommended to visit while you are in Albania, it has a nice and clean beach, the color of the sea is very good, the water is warm, the beach is quite long with different sections - arranged with sun loungers and umbrellas, camping, free zone. There are cafes, restaurants for every taste. The water is very clear. You can swim, relax in the sun under an umbrella, and also you can go snorkeling and see various types of fish. It would be very romantic for couples, friends and relaxed for adventurous for families.

8. Praia Dona Ana, Portugal


  • Rocky mountain near the ocean.

Praia Dona Ana is located in the Lagos region on the southern coast of Portugal. Call it the epic orange limestone cliff whose area is often nicknamed the Costa d'Ouro, or 'Golden Coast', and the living Atlantic waters, but what makes Praia Dona Ana so special is that it is protected from the wind by the surrounding cliffs while still getting the sun all day. This is also the Blue Flag beach, which means meeting stringent quality standards in terms of purity and water facilities.

This beach is very calm because it is protected by the rock formations of Ponta da Piedade, against waves from the southwest. There are almost no big waves and it made this beach is very popular to go snorkeling. Even though the sand is not soft because this beach had been reconstructed in 2015, but it is still very interesting that you may find many shells on this beach. Besides, you also have to bear in mind that the water on this beach is a little bit cold, so it might take you some time to adapt to the water once you get in the water. It will be around 21 - 14 degrees Celcius in October, around 17 - 10 degrees in November, and around 15 - 7 degrees in December. Brace yourself!

9. Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus


It is located near Protaras, a tourist resort that is largely under the administrative jurisdiction of the City of Paralimni in Cyprus. In ancient times, where Protaras now resides, the old city-state of Leukolla stood. Fig Tree Bay has an old - and well-deserved - reputation as one of the best beaches in Europe. Well equipped and with lots to do in this area, this has become a popular destination for families and groups. If you have a dry bag, the best tip is to swim short distances to the small island across the beach to take a break from the crowd.

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. It has very clean water, and moreover, the costs in the restaurants are not expensive for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You better not go there on the weekend because it might be very crowded either by tourists or local people, but you do not have to worry about parking because they provide a large parking area. There are also plenty of beds and water sports available for you there.

10. Cala Macarelleta, Menorca


Tucked away on the southwest side of the Mediterranean island of Menorca, Cala Macarelleta, or 'Little Macarella Creek,' is a secluded spot just ten minutes' walk from the iconic Macarelleta beach, one of the island's most popular destinations. It offers amazing white sand and clear water but with a calmer, more personal atmosphere, and views of the cliffs, there is one of the best on the island. It is also a popular nudist hangout, perfect for those who like to experience nature in the simplest places and enjoy a little swimming.

You may need around one until two hours by boat to get there visited by boat, but it will be very worth it to swim in the crystal clear ponds and then move to the many small bay beaches around the island. Like the usual beach, this beach might be very busy during the summer. Unfortunately, there are some tourists and local people who littering there. If you want to go there by car, you might have to leave earlier, the road to three Beaches in this area is narrow and with the amount of traffic can be quite dangerous.

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