10 Apr 2024

Top 10 places to visit in Milan, Italy


Your knowledge of geography can be easily tested in practice. Please tell me, what is the capital of Italy? If you suddenly answered Milan, then you can assume that your knowledge fails you, because the capital of Italy is Rome. Don't be discouraged, you are not the one who thinks so! Today we'll talk about the unspoken northern capital of Italy, Milan, where the entire fashionable elite is concentrated. Let's see what this city can offer us, here is the top 10 things that can be seen in Milan specially for you.

1. Milan Cathedral


Milan Cathedral is one of the most complex Gothic cathedrals in Europe, is located in the historical centre of the city. Built of white marble in a flaming Gothic style. Milan Cathedral is a symbol of the city and the main attraction of Milan.

Milan Cathedral, also known as the Duomo di Milano, is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary (Nativity of Mary), this cathedral is the largest cathedral in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. The construction of the cathedral began in 1386, and was consecrated in 1418, and only on January 5, 1965 the construction was completed.

2. Santa Maria delle Grazie


Santa Maria delle Grazie is a church in the Dominican monastery, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church contains frescoes from the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci, which is located in the refectory of the monastery.The church itself is also worth to visit. Inside, of course, it's not as large as Milan Cathedral, but this chamber combined with painted ceilings, columns and elegant arches creates an amazing atmosphere of peace and lightness.

3. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Even if your plans don't include mind-blowing shopping, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele simply needs to be on your list for a visit when in Milan. Mosaic ornaments, sculptures, statues, frescoes decorating the gallery, the famous glass dome, it seems like a huge kaleidoscope!

The gallery is located in the heart of Milan, so it can easily be reached from both Duomo and Teatro alla Scala.

4. La Scala Theater


Everyone has heard about La Scala Theatre. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Milan, La Scala enjoys a reputation of a leading opera house since the first performance of "Europa riconosciuta" by Antonio Salieri, in 1778. Built in a neoclassical style by architect Giuseppe Piermarini, the red-gold theater is famous for its beautiful acoustics that show the singer's true abilities.

5. Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio


It's one of the oldest churches in Milan, built by St. Ambrose between 379 and 386. It is located in the area where numerous martyrs of Roman persecution were buried, and was originally called the Basilica Martyrum. In 1099, it was rebuilt in a Romanesque architectural style, but the basilica of the original building was preserved, including a portico with elegant arches in the main entrance.

Be sure to take the time to visit the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, its old building is saturated with the history and spirit of centuries gone by: beautiful paintings, church utensils - there is something to admire! A wonderful place to experience the unique atmosphere of antiquity and peace.

6. Pinacoteca di Brera


Milan itself is a work of art, what's about its beautiful museums?

Pinacoteca di Brera is the public gallery that contains one of the most outstanding collections of Italian paintings.

Thanks to Napoleon, who confiscated many of the best works of Italian art during his wars and took everything for storage to Milan, the city received one of the best collections of paintings in the world. The Pinacoteca Brera is a world-class museum with an amazing assortment of beautiful paintings. The works of Italian artists like Rafael, Tintoretto and Caravaggio, which are described in the collection and other well-represented European masters like Rembrandt, A. van Dyck.

7. Sforza Castle


Perhaps, the most popular Milanese castle for tourists to visit, built in the XV century as the residence of the Dukes of Milan from the dynasty of the same name (Sforza). Today it's hospitably open for those who want to get acquainted not only with the life of the nobility of those times, but also with the works of art of famous Italians.

8. Naviglio Grande


Did you know that Milan has its own Grand Canal? The beginning of construction dates back to the XII century, it was built as a system canals to facilitate the irrigation of nearby lands. In the 1300s, the canal system was expanded to carry goods and was used until XIX century.

Today, Naviglio Grande is not only an incredibly beautiful place for walking but also the heart of the city's nightlife. A great number of bars and restaurants for all tastes attract locals and tourists from all over the world. We highly recommend you to come for aperitivo here, where you can pay only for a drink and receive snacks or buffet food for free.

9. Piazza Mercanti


Merchants Square was the administrative center of the city during the Middle Ages, Piazza Mercanti offers its visitors an idea of ​​medieval life in Milan. In the XIII century, there were six entry points to the square, each of which is associated with a specific type of trade, from blacksmiths to hats.

10. Simplon Park (Parco Sempione


Parco Sempione is one of the most favorite vacation spots of Milanese. It's an amazing and beautiful corner of wildlife in the middle of a busy city. It's good to come here after a long walk around the city, stroll along shady alleys, examine graceful statues or feed ducks and swans by the pond. There are cycle tracks and sports fields for lovers of outdoor activities. When in Milan, be Milanese!

On this our tour of Milan comes to an end. However, we highly recommend that you also visit other cities in Italy, including its pompous capital, Rome.

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