10 Apr 2024

Top 10 picks in Tallinn, Estonia


Of course, we could start our article with the long history of Tallinn, but you can read about it in other sources. We would like to emphasize something else.

The Estonian capital is an amazingly colourful and vivid harmony of antiquity and modernity that you must see in Tallinn. Our selection contains 10 of the most interesting places and sights of Tallinn where to go and what to see, but before you start planning your tour, check ManyTours website for the best offers.

1. Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats)


The best way to start the acquaintance with the city is to visit the main square where all city festivals, holidays, concerts and fairs are held.

Tallinn Town Hall Square amazes with its fabulousness and toy beauty. By the way, it's the only surviving medieval town hall in the Northern Europe. Nowadays, as before, it's admired, being a masterpiece of architecture of the XV century.

2. Old Town


An urban area saturated with the spirit of the Middle Ages, where the main historical sights are concentrated. It is an interweaving of stone streets and squares, ancient temples, town halls and houses of merchant guilds. Since 1997, Old Town of Tallinn is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage. The old city consists of Lower and Upper. In past centuries, mainly aristocrats settled in the Upper Town (Toompea).

3. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


The main Orthodox church in Tallinn, built in the XIX century at the expense of representatives of a large Russian community. Locals still perceive it as a symbol of "violent Russification" of the population. They wanted to demolish the cathedral in 1928. In 1990, after the fall of the USSR, the church and all property were transferred to the newly formed Estonian government, now the Orthodox Church rents it for worship.

4. Kadriorg Park


Kadriorg is one of the most outstanding parks and palaces in Tallinn, and indeed in Estonia. Built in 1718 by order of Peter the Great, it preserved the atmosphere of XVIII-XIX centuries. Here every walk is an exciting journey. You can see the shady alleys, Swan Pond, the promenade leading to the palace. There are several museums in the park, so you definitely won't be bored.

5. Maiden Tower


One of the towers of the fortress wall, which, according to the first version, served as a prison for ladies of easy virtue, unfaithful wives and naughty brides, and according to the second, it was a retreat for women seamstresses. The tower was built in the XIII century along with the city wall, several times during the siege of the city, it was destroyed. After the reconstruction in 2013, a museum and a cafe were opened in the building with a picturesque view of the Old Town.

6. Kik in de Kök


Another city fortress tower, which was erected in the XV century. The name can be translated from Saxon as "look into the kitchen". The tower got such a name for the reason that from its top, the city guards who served the service could watch the housewives in the kitchens in city houses. Nowadays, the tower has a museum where weapons collections are presented.

7. Telliskivi


Telliskivi is a haven for creative people who are passionate about design, there are workshops and a whole street of shops that produce and sell unusual things, designer clothes, interior items and eco-products.

It is interesting to note that previously the Telliskivi used to be the premises of an industrial complex, and now there are about 600 creative events per year. There is a flea market on Saturdays, if you are lucky with the days of your trip, be sure to check this out, maybe you will find your treasure.

8. Kumu


Kunstimuuseum is translated as "Art Museum". It is the largest museum in the Baltic region and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. KUMU presents both permanent exhibits of Estonian art and temporary exhibitions. The main collection covers Estonian art from the end of the XVIII century, includes works from the Soviet period (1941-1991) and shows both socialist realism and unofficial art. Temporary exhibitions represent foreign and Estonian contemporary art.

9. Tallinn TV Tower


The tallest building in Estonia, reaching 314 meters in height. The TV tower is a popular tourist attraction and cultural center. People come here to visit the observation deck at an altitude of 170 meters, dine in a restaurant, watch interactive installations about the history of Estonia and just admire the futuristic interiors.

10. Seaplane Harbour


Seaplane Harbour is a maritime museum, located in the former aviation hangars. It presents the real military equipment that took part in the battles: submarines, ships, planes and even a steam icebreaker. Many exhibits are the only surviving copies of military equipment. The museum also has a cinema hall and a playground for children.

We bet that you even had no clew how interesting and different can be Estonian capital from the other European capitals and destinations, there are much more to see and experience in Tallinn. For example, Tallinn is a coastal city, the Baltic sea is calling to join the beach and relax enjoying the views. Although, the sea can also call you to take a ferry and maybe visit Finland or, perhaps, Russia?

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